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This luminaire was designed to replace 250W metal halide lights used extensively in industrial locations such as workshops, manufacturing floors, stores areas, warehouses and loading bays. It does however do a very effective job of replacing external halogen security lighting, where it’s longevity and low power consumption mean that it pays for itself very rapidly due to it’s lack of maintenance and savings in electricity.

It’s light output (6500 lumens cold) and 4557 lumens warm is emitted at between 105° and 113° and this amount of light allows a 1:1 replacement for not only 250W metal halides, but also twin 8ft and twin 6ft fluorescents (the 8ft are now obsolete) and the very ‘white’ light (7000K) is preferred by the vast majority of people in non-office environments.

It’s very low power consumption (65W +/- 5%) means that it saves 76% power compared to a 250W metal halide or twin 8ft fluorescent and still saves 58% when compared with a twin 6ft fluorescent. These savings have now reached a ‘tipping point’, where it makes economic sense to look at replacing older lighting solutions withLED36-500’s.

The 4Kg of solid aluminium casting does such an effective job of cooling the LED’s that the casting temperature rises to between 12°C and 13°C above ambient even when used 24 hours per day –meaning that the luminaire is inherently safe to touch and we are finding our luminaires increasingly used for garage inspection pits because of this.

The LED36-500 is so named, because it uses 36 surface mount LED’s driven at 500mA  and these LED’s are split into 3 banks of 12, so if there were to be a failure of either an LED or the driver, the luminaire would still have 2/3rds of the light output –a useful feature in light critical areas such as tunnels.

Another useful feature of LED’s is that they are virtually instantaneously on when power is applied and off when it is stopped (no more waiting 15 minutes for lights to cool) and the drivers are specified to accept input voltages between 198V and 265V, so no more dimming of lights when the voltage dips and blowing of bulbs when the power surges.

The luminaire and hanging brackets/yoke are powder coated for both aesthetics and weather proofing and should be good for 10 years of external use and the luminaire is approved to IP65 rating.

Please click here for a copy of the spec sheet or please email us at if you would like full photometrics for use in lighting design software such as Relux.